A collation of usability test videos that demonstrates the participant’s interaction with the prototype and their recorded feedback. 

For the usability test, three participants from India were selected, who fall between the age bracket of (25-50 yrs). They are semi-literate artisans who are engaged in different forms of crafts to earn a living. The selected subjects are existing users of Uthhan and have been making handmade products for quite some time now. They all own an android phone and are familiar with basic mobile functions.


Age : 25

City : Bangalore

Craft : Handmade Craft


My name is Nithya, I live in Karnataka. I make baskets like these and I have been working with Uthhan for 2 years now. I found the application user friendly and was able to use it easily. 

Just curious to know when an order is placed by the customer, where can I find it? I’m not able to find it in the app. I also feel that the text is a bit small as I’m finding some screens hard to read

Manoj Kumar 

Age : 26

City : Bangalore

Craft : Bamboo Craft


My name is Manoj Kumar, I’m a Bamboo artisan. I have been registered with Uthhan for quite some time now. I like the new version of the application as it is simple and easy to use. The registration process was simple and straightforward, even uploading products was easy as compared to the current one. I just have to take photos with my camera and add some details about the product. 

However, I don’t know where to see all my listed products. I’m also curious to know how I will get to know if an order gets cancelled by the buyer.


Age : 45

City : Hyderabad

Craft : Handloom


I am Girija, I have been using Uthhan for 5 years. It is a very nice app, but it would have been better if it was in my native language, Kannada. During covid, the app is extremely useful to us as we can sell our products from home and earn money.