The EzLink brief demanded for a logotype and tagline for the new master-card which can be utilised for business purposes by employees. The card aims to claim the expenses made by the employees and eliminates the manual process of listing down expenses. The logo designed for EZ Link is reflective of the three keywords; flexible, speed & inclusive. 

The proposed logo represents the velocity of the automated process where the arrow is symbolic of the fast forward process. For the visual identity, a fun, illustrative style was adopted. Humans are incorporated to represent the fact that the card is inclusive and available to all and the illustration of day & night stands for the flexibility of the card. The tagline, “manage your expenses with confidence” suggests that there will be no discomfort to go through the manual process of tracking down expenses as the new Ez Link card can do it for you.

Branding & Identity : Tarisha Chhabra, Vivian Chew Xiao Wei, Hairynny Zulkifli