“Only the king can play with fire”

An industry brief provided by Mullenlowe, Singapore where the brief required us to come with a creative solution to create awareness about Burger King’s flame grilled patties.


People don’t know how Burger King flame grills their patties everyday and, even those who know, don’t know the taste that comes from the flame-grilling patties.


People are unaware of the meticulous process behind grilling the perfect juicy patty until they get a taste of grilling a patty themselves. As per the research, respondents aged between 16 to 24 reported playing games via mobile phone.


The idea revolves around a flame-grilling game to engage people into the process of grilling a patty and appreciate the food that they cook themselves. The intention of the advertisement is to create awareness on what it takes to create the perfectly-grilled patty and that, not everyone can be a master in grilling.

Client: Burger King

Concept : Tarisha Chhabra